The first biotechnology innovation conference opened in Chengdu More than 10 academicians gathered in Rongcheng, Chengdu, November 3 (Wei Weicheng) The first Biotechnology Innovation Conference was officially opened on November 3 in Chengdu High-tech Zone. More than 10 academicians, more than 200 heavyweight experts, more than 2,000 experts and scholars, more than 10 world top 500 multinational pharmaceutical companies, more than 100 well-known domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies gathered in Rongcheng to talk about China’s biotechnology innovation and development.

It is understood that the conference set up 23 sessions and 4 closed-door meetings, highlights. In addition to exchanges and discussion on the latest developments in the field of biotechnology, we will release and display heavy scientific and technological achievements, and fully demonstrate the great achievements of China’s biotechnology development in the 70 years since the founding of New China, and also to explore the development of biomedical innovation in Chengdu. Mode” provides new ideas.

At the opening ceremony, the relevant person in charge of the China Biotechnology Development Center stated that in order to grasp the revolutionary strategic opportunities of biotechnology, the company took the lead in the new round of scientific and technological revolution, and the country passed major scientific and technological projects, key research and development plans, and the National Natural Science Foundation. Increase investment in innovation in biotechnology. In the past five years, the country’s major science and technology plans have invested about 60 billion yuan in the life sciences. China’s biotechnology has developed rapidly, and breakthroughs have been made in many fields such as stem cells, synthetic biology, neurobiology, nanobiology, and imaging technology.

The opening ceremony of the conference also invited Zhang Xuemin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Li Song, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Zhou Qi, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, to share the theme report, and discuss the latest frontiers in the field of biotechnology with the participants and look forward to the future development trend.

Li Song pointed out in the special report entitled “Innovation Drives New Drug Creation and Industrial Development” that new drug development should grasp the key breakthroughs of core defects in existing technologies. He summarized the current status of new drug innovation in China, still based on Me-too and Me-better, and there are many restrictive factors in the internationalization of new drugs. The core defect in the drug research process is Linker instability, which is the main cause of off-target toxicity. Design a new me-only innovative linker with a stable structure to reduce toxin off-target.

More than 10 academicians, more than 200 heavyweight experts, more than 2,000 experts and scholars, more than 10 world top 500 multinational pharmaceutical companies, more than 100 well-known domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies gathered in Chengdu High-tech Zone, a total of China’s biotechnology innovation and development. Wei Weicheng
More than 10 academicians, more than 200 heavyweight experts, more than 2,000 experts and scholars, more than 10 world top 500 multinational pharmaceutical companies, more than 100 well-known domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies gathered in Chengdu High-tech Zone, a total of China’s biotechnology innovation and development. Wei Weicheng
Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Wei Yuquan brought the new book “2019 China Clinical Medical Research Development Report”, which reflects the annual development overview and major achievements in the field of clinical medical research in China, summarizes the development experience of Chinese clinical medical science and technology, and studies the future development trend of Chinese clinical medical research. .

The reporter noted that there are many leading biopharmaceutical companies in Chengdu, such as Chengdu Pioneer Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd. from Chengdu High-tech Zone.

As an early contractor and the first officially settled in Chengdu Tianfu International Bio-City, in recent years, Chengdu Pioneer Development Co., Ltd. has developed rapidly, and the company has become the leader in the field of small molecules in the DNA coding compound library. In the view of Li Jin, chairman and CEO of the company, the bio-pharmaceutical industry in Chengdu High-tech Zone has developed rapidly in recent years, and the industrial gathering efficiency is extremely high, which provides sufficient support for the development of the enterprise.

Li Jin said that the development of innovative drugs is by no means alone. The innovative environment, multidisciplinary and multi-team will also bring about technological collisions and accelerate the emergence of new technologies here. A good ecological environment will also form regional brands, allowing talents and Capital is chosen to gather here. The perfect bio-pharmaceutical industrial chain in Chengdu High-tech Zone not only has enterprises with drug research and development and manufacturing capabilities, but also many downstream application scenarios, forming a perfect chain and ecology.

It is reported that Chengdu attaches great importance to the development of biomedical industry, and has become the national biomedical research and development innovation industrial base, the country’s first batch of drug export bases, the national biomedical materials and medical equipment high-tech industrialization base, and the national (Chengdu) biomedical industry innovation incubation. The base is a pilot demonstration base for the transfer and transformation of major national science and technology major achievements in China’s major new drugs, and has an ecological environment suitable for the development of the biomedical industry.

“The Expo is the best exhibition we have ever participated in” – Interview with Ma Tao, Executive Vice President of Nokia Bell

The 2nd China International Import Expo (Jibo Fair) will open in Shanghai on the 5th. Ma Tao, executive vice president of Shanghai Nokia Bell Co., Ltd., said in a telephone interview with Xinhua News Agency: “The Expo is one of the best organizations we have participated in in all exhibitions.”

Shanghai Nokia Bell is the exclusive operating platform of Finnish communications giant Nokia in China. Nokia was one of the first companies to sign the first exhibition of the Expo. When the first session of the Expo last year was over, it signed the participation agreement for this year’s Expo, and the booth area was expanded by nearly one year. Times.

Ma Tao said that the organization of the Expo is running throughout the year. Over the past year, the organizers have actively communicated with Nokia to take the initiative to understand who their target market is and which potential customers they want to engage with. “Many large central enterprises come to the exhibition, the organizers will help us to contact them, and the service is in place.”

Last year, Nokia signed a framework agreement of more than 2 billion euros with China’s three major telecom operators. Ma Tao told reporters that this year Nokia rented a display area of ​​420 square meters, hoping to show more new products, new cases, and more interaction with customers.

Ma Tao said that Nokia’s main demonstration at this year’s show was a real-time performance by a holographic projection. The scenes that people saw in the pavilion were completely real-time transmissions from remote sites. There was almost no delay and visitors would be presenting in person. At the scene, you can also interact with the performers.

Not long ago, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom announced the launch of 5G commercial, and released the corresponding package. Ma Tao said that Nokia has cooperated with the three major operators, and hopes to use the platform of the Expo to showcase the application scenarios of 5G commercial. In addition to working with traditional operators, Nokia is also working with partners in many other industries in China to develop new businesses. For example, the long-distance driving jointly launched with China FAW will also be unveiled at the show.

Ma Tao said that with the digitalization of the global industrial transformation, China’s complete industrial sector and strong innovation capabilities, is expected to quickly achieve 5G commercial, spawn new industrial chains and explore new business models.

A number of experts gathered in Jiaxing to discuss how to build a high-quality rural revitalization demonstration site

October 26th, October 23-25, 2019, the “Village Revitalization and Urban-Rural Integration Development (Jiaxing) Seminar” was held in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province with the theme of “urban and rural integration, construction and sharing”. The seminar focused on the theory and practice innovation of urban and rural integration development under the background of rural revitalization strategy, exchanged and discussed how to accurately grasp the connotation requirements of urban and rural integration development, and promoted the “one city, three provinces” in the Yangtze River Delta to implement the national strategy and rural revitalization strategy for the integration of the Yangtze River Delta. Jointly build a high-quality rural revitalization demonstration site. The seminar was hosted by Zhejiang Agricultural and Rural Affairs Office, Jiaxing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Jiaxing Municipal People’s Government, Jiaxing Agricultural and Rural Bureau, Jiaxing Rural Revitalization Leading Group Office, China Rural Magazine, and Zhejiang Zhejiang Tourism Association.

The seminar invited Ye Xingqing, Minister of Rural Economic Research of the Development Research Center of the State Council, Zhang Hongyu, Vice President of China Rural Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Qiao Runling, Vice Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission Town Center, Zhu Shengyu, Chairman of the Township Travel Group, and gad•line+studio The founder and host architect, Meng Fanhao, gave keynote speeches on topics such as urban-rural integration, modern agricultural industry development, rural revitalization and development, rural finance and collective economic development, rural cultural and travel model innovation, and integration of rural culture and space.

In the keynote speech, Ye Xingqing expounded the great significance of the inevitable requirement of promoting urban-rural integration from the height of national modernization development, and analyzed the promotion of urban-rural integration and the free flow and equal exchange of urban and rural elements from the three dimensions of industry, factors and ecology. Promote the concept of urban-rural ecological co-construction, sharing, destiny and co-existence.

From the perspective of analyzing the connotation of rural industry, Zhang Hongyu put forward the important judgment of “village industry as modern agriculture 4.0”, and also listed four key issues in ensuring food problems, improving development quality, achieving sustainability, and increasing farmers’ income. It is proposed to encourage reforms and institutional innovations in finance, science and technology, and support for protection to promote the development of rural industries.

Zhu Shengyu said in his speech that rural revitalization is a rural cultural renaissance movement, the best container for the village to become a cultural life in the new era, and to organically connect and supplement urban life and rural life. He believes that rural revitalization is not to upgrade village-level industries, but to promote the common development of agricultural production and cultural tourism.

In addition, the organizers held three roundtable discussions on the theme of land system reform and innovation, beautiful rural construction and beautiful economic transformation, leisure and cultural development of leisure and cultural development, and coordinated development of rural areas in the Yangtze River Delta.

At the opening ceremony, the responsible comrades of the relevant departments of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Zhejiang Province, Shanghai, and Jiaxing City delivered speeches and speeches respectively, and held the unveiling of the “Village Future Community Research Center”, the establishment of the Yangtze River Delta Rural Revitalization Regional Cooperation Alliance, and the establishment of high-quality villages. The “Nine Major Projects” of the revitalization demonstration site and the signing ceremony of the “Cooperation Agreement for the Rural Revitalization Regional Cooperation Alliance of the Yangtze River Delta Region” from 28 cities (districts) in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Anhui.

During the seminar, the organizers invited the guests to attend the on-site inspection of the industrial integration development of Pinghu Agricultural Economic Development Zone and the construction of “Basic Party Building + Sanzhi Integration” in Lianfeng Village, Fengqiao Town, Nanhu District, and to study and visit the Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Hall.

2019 The 3rd China Yinchuan Internet Film Festival opens Yinchuan October 26 (Li Peishan, Yu Jing) On October 26, the reporter learned from the Culture and Tourism Department of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region that the 3rd China Yinchuan Internet Film Festival opened in Beijing Chaoyang Planning Art Museum.

Yinchuan has an indissoluble bond with the film. Many film and television works go from here to the world. Together with Yinchuan’s vigorous development of the digital industry and the promotion of the development of the Internet and film industry, Yinchuan Internet and TV is a new army that is rapidly emerging and growing. Performance patterns, innovative development of new content, optimization of industrial brands, showing a unique charm.

It is understood that the China Yinchuan Internet Film Festival has been successfully held for two years as a professional platform for Internet video services. It has helped and supported many Internet film and television creators in China. While continuing to play an important role in promoting the scientific and standardized development of China’s Internet and film industry, this year’s film festival will use Internet movies to tell the story of Ningxia, let Ningxia quickly integrate into China and the world’s film industry, and open a propaganda to China and the world. , the window of understanding and dialogue.

In addition, after the opening ceremony, the main activities of the film festival – the commercial innovation and thinking summit forum of the film and television industry chain, the Golden Jubilee Film and Television Investment and Financing Forum, the Internet Film + Cultural Tourism Roundtable Forum were held in each of the sub-meeting venues. The forum invited many frontier practitioners and industry experts in the Chinese film industry to focus on film hotspots and share their experience and wisdom.

At present, the festivals, including film screenings, academic exchanges, and industrial events, have officially opened. The closing ceremony and awards ceremony will be held on November 6th at the Ningxia People’s Theatre in Yinchuan City.

The film festival was co-sponsored by Yinchuan Municipal People’s Government, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Culture and Tourism Department, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Radio and Television Bureau, Central Party School Publishing Group, Yinchuan Cultural Tourism Radio and Television Bureau, and National School of Administration Audiovisual Press.

The dam of the Chengcheng River section within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of International Affairs of Japan has not been refurbished.

According to an interview with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism on the 20th, the Kyodo News Agency reported that the central government that manages floods based on the river remediation plan manages rivers and needs to build dykes in a total of about 13,000 km, as of the end of March. The section of the dam is not up to the planned level, or the section where the dam is not built at all reaches about 30%. It also includes locations for dykes or flooding due to Typhoon No. 19 “Haibeisi”.

According to reports, although the repair plan is still in the middle of the implementation phase, but due to the possibility of rare rains in the future, some experts pointed out that “taking countermeasures is a top priority.”

In the plan based on the basic policy of river remediation, the Ministry of International Affairs has decided on the necessity and scale of the levee on 109 water systems across the country in terms of “can resist the 200-year flood”. It is planned to promote the repair work within 20 to 30 years. .

According to the statistics of the State Administration of Taxation at the end of March, the total width of the dam and the height of the planned section are about 3,500 kilometers, accounting for about 26%. Among them, there are 3 places of Kyuskawa and 3 places of Nakagawa who broke the typhoon No. 19.

The total number of sections without dams is about 750 kilometers, accounting for 5.6%. Due to the overflow of the No. 19 typhoon, Tamagawa overflowed from the levee-free area, and the houses in the Setagaya area of ​​Tokyo were flooded. The uncompleted dam section is as high as 42% in the Nagawa River system, and the Nagawa River system under the jurisdiction of the Kinki Prefecture is about 39%, and the Shibuya River system under the jurisdiction of the Shikoku Prefecture Development Bureau is about 34%.

On the other hand, the Awha-gawa River dam, located in Sukagawa City, Fukushima Prefecture, was built as planned, but it was still due to the typhoon No. 19.

According to the Ministry of International Relations, the repair work was not smooth in the section where the acquisition land was slow and the overall balance of the river basin needed to be maintained. The person in charge said: “The floods will also be verified, but the levees alone cannot prevent the disaster, and more extensive measures such as river bottom mining are needed.”

Professor Nicholas Hiroshi (River Engineering) of Niigata University said: “The king of water control lies in the dyke. There is no helpless side because it is still under construction, but the occurrence of the levee means that it has been previously reinforced. Many places that are not up to standard are resolved. The dike should be promoted as soon as possible.”

Frequent violent crimes in Gauteng, South Africa, arrested more than 800 people only one weekend

The province of Gauteng, including important cities such as Johannesburg and Pretoria, suffers from violent crimes. After a couple of 80-year-old couples were found murdered a few days ago, the South African police stepped up their efforts to crack down on violent crimes.

On the 21st, the South African police confirmed that more than 800 suspects were arrested for various crimes in the province of Gauteng alone.

In addition, the South African police conducted routine searches throughout the province of Gauteng and successfully seized 12 guns. According to Gaussian police spokesman Masan Du, the arrested criminal suspects were suspected of violent crimes such as murder, rape, robbery, intentional wounding, fraud, theft and domestic violence.

The South African people were slightly pleased that the suspect suspected of killing the 80-year-old couple was at 19 Sunset.

Masango told reporters that the collected guns are currently basically determined to be illegally held by criminal suspects, and ballistic tests will confirm whether these guns involve serious violent crimes.

It is worth mentioning that in this anti-crime operation, South Africa’s private security companies also acted side by side with the police to participate in the fight against crime and played an important role. “This trend is exciting, and we will continue to be in a high-pressure situation for violent crimes,” said Masandu.

According to the schedule provided by the South African police, more than 800 suspects arrested in the above-mentioned arrests will appear in court in the near future and accept legal sanctions.

Barcelona airport protesters and police clash at least 37 injured

China news agency, Beijing, October 15th Comprehensive news: On the 14th local time, protests were staged near the Barcelona airport in Spain. Some demonstrators and policemen clashed, causing at least 37 people to be injured and more than 100 flights were affected.

According to the CBS website, health officials in northeastern Spain said at least 37 protesters were injured in the clash. The demonstrators threw empty fire extinguishers and other items at the police, and the police used foam bullets and batons to disperse the crowd. Local police said two protesters were arrested for allegedly attacking the police.

Spanish airport operators said that at least 108 flights were cancelled due to demonstrations at Barcelona Airport. In addition, on the evening of the 14th, the police also clashed with the demonstrators in the center of Barcelona.

According to Reuters, the Spanish Supreme Court sentenced 12 Catalan independent politicians on the 14th. According to the verdict, nine former district independence leaders were sentenced to 9 to 13 years in prison for allegedly inciting rebellion and abusing public funds, and three others were found guilty of disobeying orders but were exempt from criminal penalties. In addition, the Spanish Supreme Court once again issued a new international wanted order to the former leader of the Canadian district, Carles Puig de Monte.

The result of the ruling caused anger among the people of Catalonia and protested through demonstrations. There are reports that the demonstrators are scheduled to strike in Barcelona on the 18th.

On October 1, 2017, Catalonia held an independent referendum, and about 90% of Catalan voters voted to support the region’s independence from Spain. On October 27, 2017, the government of the Catalonia Autonomous Region, led by Puig de Monte, declared independence. The Spanish government then recovered the autonomy of Catalonia, declared the referendum illegal and arrested 12 independent leaders in Catalonia. Puig de Montu escaped the police arrest and is still at large. (Finish)

Tè lǎng pǔ xuānbù duì tǔ shíshī zhìcái měi zhòng yìzhǎng: Zhìcái lìdù bùgòu zhōng xīn wǎng 10 yuè 15 rì diàn zònghé bàodào, wèi chéngfá tǔ’ěrqí duì xùlìyǎ fāqǐ de jūnshì xíngdòng, měiguó zǒngtǒng tè lǎng pǔ 14 rì biǎoshì, jiāng duì tǔ’ěrqí 3 wèi bùzhǎng jí shítǐ shíshī zhìcái. Měiguó zhòngyìyuàn yìzhǎng pèi luò xī duì cǐ biǎoshì, měiguó duì tǔ’ěrqí guānyuán hé shítǐ de zhìcái, bù huì gǎishàn xùlìyǎ běibù de júshì. Dāngdì shíjiān 10 yuè 12 rì, cóng tǔ’ěrqí biānjìng kěyǐ kàn dào, xùlìyǎ chéngzhèn lā sī āi ēn fà shēng bàozhà, shēng qǐ gǔngǔn nóng yān. Bàodào chēng, pèi luò xī 14 rì zài yī fèn shūmiàn shēngmíng zhōng shuō,“zǒngtǒng tè lǎng pǔ ràng xùlìyǎ de hǔnluàn hé bù ānquán júshì shēngjí. Tā xuānbù duì tǔ’ěrqí shíshī de yī xìliè zhìcái cuòshī, bìng méiyǒu niǔzhuǎn zhè chǎng réndào zhǔyì zāinàn.” Jù bàodào,14 rì zǎo xiē shíhòu, tè lǎng pǔ qiānshǔle yī xiàng xíngzhèng mìnglìng, shòuquán duì tǔ’ěrqí guānyuán hé shítǐ shíshī zhìcái. Měiguó cáizhèng bù biǎoshì, xíngzhèng mìnglìng lìjí shēngxiào, tǔ’ěrqí de guófáng bùzhǎng ā kǎ’ěr, néngyuán bùzhǎng duō méi zī hé nèizhèng bùzhǎng suǒ yī lǔ jiāng shòudào zhìcái. Tè lǎng pǔ biǎoshì, jiāng zàntíng yǔ tǔ’ěrqí zhèngzài tánpàn de jiàzhí 1000 yì měiyuán de màoyì xiéyì, bìng duì tǔ’ěrqí de gāngtiě guānshuì zēngjiā dào 50%, jí 5 yuè xiàtiáo guānshuì qián de shuǐpíng. Pèi luò xī 14 rì biǎoshì, tè lǎng pǔ yǔnxǔ ānkǎlā jìxù zài xùlìyǎ dōngběi bù de xíngdòng, shíjì shang pòhuàile měiguó dǎjí jíduān zǔzhī de nǔlì. Pèi luò xī chēng,“tè lǎng pǔ zǒngtǒng wèi tǔ’ěrqí jìngōng kù’ěrdé huǒbàn kāile lǜdēng, bèipànle chéng qiān shàng wàn de zhànshì, tāmen xīshēngle shēngmìng, shǐ shìjiè miǎn shòu jíduān zǔzhī ‘yīsīlán guó’ de yěmán xíjí.” Cǐqián yǒu xiāoxī chēng, měiguó yīn bù zhīchí xùlìyǎ dōngběi bù de kù’ěrdé rén, yǐjí zài tǔ’ěrqí duì gāi dìqū de xíngdòng zhīqián chèjūn ér shòudào pīpíng. Měiguó guófáng bùzhǎng āi sī pò zài 14 rì de shēngmíng zhōng shuō, tā jiàng zàixià zhōu yǔ běiyuē méngguó tǎolùn tǔ’ěrqí zài xùlìyǎ de xíngdòng, bìng jìhuà “dūncù” tāmen kǎolǜ duì tǔ’ěrqí cǎiqǔ wàijiāo hé jīngjì cuòshī. 展开 666/5000 Trump announces sanctions against the soil US Speaker: insufficient sanctions

BEIJING, Oct. 15 (Xinhuanet) — In order to punish Turkey’s military actions against Syria, US President Trump said on the 14th that sanctions will be imposed on three Turkish ministers and entities. US House Speaker Pelosi said that the US sanctions against Turkish officials and entities will not improve the situation in northern Syria.

On October 12, local time, it can be seen from the Turkish border that the Syrian town of Ras Al-Ann has exploded and smoked.
The report said that Pelosi said in a written statement on the 14th that “President Trump escalated the chaos and insecurity in Syria. He announced a series of sanctions against Turkey and did not reverse this humanitarian disaster. “”

According to reports, earlier on the 14th, Trump signed an executive order authorizing sanctions against Turkish officials and entities. The U.S. Treasury Department said that the executive order will take effect immediately. Turkey’s Defense Minister Akar, Energy Minister Domez and Interior Minister Soylu will be sanctioned.

Trump said it will suspend the $100 billion trade agreement being negotiated with Turkey and increase the tariff on steel in Turkey to 50%, which is the level before the tariff cut in May.

Pelosi said on the 14th that Trump allowed Ankara to continue its operations in the northeastern part of Syria, which actually undermined the US efforts to crack down on extremist organizations.

Pelosi said, “President Trump has given a green light to Turkey’s attack on Kurdish partners and has betrayed thousands of fighters who have sacrificed their lives to protect the world from the brutal attacks of the extremist organization ‘Islamic State.'”

Earlier, it was reported that the United States was criticized for not supporting the Kurds in northeastern Syria and for withdrawing troops before the actions of the region in Turkey.

US Defense Secretary Espour said in a statement on the 14th that he will discuss Turkey’s actions in Syria with NATO allies next week and plans to “urge” them to consider adopting diplomatic and economic measures against Turkey.

Two men posing as Turkey’s defence minister have made a spoof phone call to us lawmakers about sanctions

Oct 11 (Reuters) according to the Russian satellite network, Russian prank lovers vladimir kuznetsov and alexei stowe leah rove as Turkey’s defense minister hu Lucy bayer-oglesby, Carl, o give us republican senator lindsey graham played a prank call, and he chatted sanctions against Turkey.

Kevin bishop, graham’s spokesman, said: “we managed to prevent a number of tricks on graham and his office, but this time they managed to find the gap.”

According to the call, graham expressed good feelings about the “Kurdish issue,” describing the kurds as a “threat.” But graham is also one of the sponsors of a bill to sanction the Turkish leadership.

Graham also made clear that lawmakers from both parties were angry at Ankara’s actions and were prepared to support sanctions. So he thinks he can easily get enough votes to pass sanctions even if the White House votes no.

Knife crime in British towns has soared Manchester and Liverpool are among the worst hit, October 11 Knife crime continues to rise in British cities and towns, with figures from 34 police agencies showing a sharp rise in serious knife crime in Manchester, Liverpool, slough and Blackpool, which has now overtaken greater London, the European times reported Wednesday.

Manchester and Liverpool are in the danger zone

Serious knife crime refers to assault, robbery, death threats, murder, attempted murder or sexual offences involving a knife or sharp tool.

Manchester, Liverpool, slough and Nottingham are among the 25 most dangerous places for knife crime in England and wales.

The safest places include Dorset, Monmouth, the cotswolds in the west of England and malvern in worcestershire, where crime rates are less than one in 10,000.

In Scotland, the police take a different approach to crime statistics, so there is no separate record of knife offences. However, the number of knife users has increased in recent years, with more than 2,300 criminal records reported in 2018.

In Lancashire, northwest England, the number of knife crimes doubled in five years, from 455 in 2014 to 981 in 2018.

Violent juvenile crimes are frequent

In Blackpool, northwest England, there were 14.3 serious knife offences per 10,000 people in 2018. Drug gangs, school exclusion, poverty and unemployment have all contributed to the rise in youth violence in towns such as Blackpool and Preston. In September, official figures showed that eight of the 10 poorest communities in England were in Blackpool.

Almost half of suspects involved in serious knife offences in England and wales in 2018 were under the age of 24.

Women are more likely to carry weapons

According to the report, 15 percent of knife suspects and 25 percent of knife victims were women in 2018, with some experiencing domestic violence.

Dr Mark lowe, of the university of Liverpool, has spent the past six years observing how police work. “Girls and young women are being used to carry weapons because they are less likely to be stopped and searched by the police,” he said. At the same time, he said, “the focus on male suspects may have led them to deliberately recruit young women.”

Meanwhile, Jackie sybil, deputy commissioner for serious violent crime at the national police chiefs’ council, blamed cuts in police funding for the drop in charges.

“A significant reduction in police funding since 2010 means fewer detectives and less time, a lot of work that requires long-term investigation, which means prosecution is likely to be more difficult,” she said.

A home office spokesman said: “we are taking action to tackle violent crime. This includes making it easier for the police to use stop and search powers by recruiting 20,000 new officers over the next three years, and investing an extra £10m to get more officers to carry stun guns.”